Beatport Acquires Leading Streaming Service Pulselocker, Inc. – Mark Horoupian Served as Assignee for the Benefit of Creditors of Pulselocker & Represented in Transaction by Daniel Lev

As publicized by Billboard, Digital Music News and many others, on April 5, 2018, Beatport acquired the assets of subscription service, Pulselocker, Inc., in a strategic deal that paves the way for the creation of a next generation offering for its half million DJ customers. Pulselocker’s proprietary and patented technology allows DJs to access an integrated locker of music via a variety of performance software applications, including Rekordbox (Pioneer DJ), Serato, Virtual DJ and others.

Beatport acquired Pulselocker’s assets from its assignee for the benefit of creditors, Mark
Horoupian, and Horoupian was represented in the transaction by Daniel Lev.

Following the purchase, Pulselocker, Inc.’s customers will be able to sign up for Beatport’s new integrated subscription service, while expanding the overall DJ experience that will go beyond downloads.


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