Daily Journal Features Howard Ehrenberg on Forthcoming Dot-Law Domain Name

Managing Member Howard Ehrenberg was featured in the Daily Journal article, “Dot-law up for grabs, but efficacy doubted,” discussing the new dot-law domain extension and why some firms may want to consider staking their claim. Mr. Ehrenberg reflected on the firm’s past experience with acquiring a desired dot-com extension that had belonged to a different firm. “I can see the value of this dot-law extension, if it prevents firms from having to compete or use some odd abbreviation or other.”

However, not all firms need to prepare for the dot-law domain extension. Firms who consider registering for protective reasons should know that the dot-law domain’s verification process eliminates the threat of “cybersquatters.”

Though it will probably take years to determine the success of dot-law, operators of the new extension are hopeful that prospects will feel confident in the attorneys they find on dot-law domains, and attorneys will have the chance at a clean slate when branding their firm.


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