On the Edge: Howard Ehrenberg and Daniel Lev’s Roussos Case Featured in ABI Journal

The ABI Journal article “On the Edge,” authored by Elizabeth Gunn and Vincent Roldan, discusses the background of the 22-year-old Roussos case, which involves SulmeyerKupetz Members Howard Ehrenberg and Daniel Lev. The case continues to be ongoing.

The bankruptcy cases were reopened in July 2015 to investigate a fraud allegedly perpetrated on the bankruptcy court in 1994 by two brothers, Theodosios Roussos and Harry Roussos. As a result of their investigation, Mr. Ehrenberg, who was appointed chapter 7 trustee of the reopened cases, recently obtained an order from the presiding bankruptcy court approving a comprehensive settlement which, among other things, voided a sale order entered in 1994 and revested two valuable apartment buildings in the brothers’ reopened bankruptcy estates.

“Ultimately, the widow’s persistent battle to overturn a 22-year-old sale order obtained through fraud would have a fairytale ending,” Ms. Gunn and Mr. Roldan wrote. “The sword in this case was Rule 60(d)(3) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which authorizes a court to set aside a final judgment for fraud on the court, and for which there is no statute of limitations.”

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