SulmeyerKupetz Named by Lex Machina as a Top Firm in Bankruptcy Appeals to District Courts

Legal analytics company Lex Machina recently published a report titled “2017 Report on Bankruptcy Litigation in District Courts,” which examined how appellants and appellees fare on appeal and which districts see the most appeals from bankruptcy court based on data from 2009 onward. In this analysis, Sulmeyer Kupetz was named among the top 15 firms nationwide representing appellees and appellants in bankruptcy appeals to district courts.

As discussed by Law360, the report showed a high degree of homogeneity between the parties involved on both sides of the docket in bankruptcy appeals—the major firms involved tend to stay constant, regardless of whether they’re representing appellants or appellees. Brian C. Howard, a legal data scientist and associate general​ counsel at Lex Machina, said that this trait is unique to bankruptcy appeals.

“For most of the other practice areas we cover, like patents or employment litigation, you tend to see very different firms on either side of the docket,” Howard said. “Granted, bankruptcy appeals are inherently a bit different, but the overall commonality was striking nonetheless.”

Read the Law360 article analyzing the Lex Machina report.


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