Webinar Now Available! When Litigation Turns to a Threat of Bankruptcy

It’s nothing new. You’re representing a plaintiff in a contentious case, and it’s getting ready to go to trial. You believe your case is a slam dunk, and a big recovery for your client and your firm is within sight when the defendant’s counsel tells you that their client will file for bankruptcy if you don’t accept an insultingly low offer.

The natural tendency is to disregard the lawyer’s warning as posturing and go full steam ahead with your trial. You may be making a big mistake.

Join SulmeyerKupetz Member Mark Horoupian in a complimentary CLE-accredited webinar covering the steps litigators can take to maximize recovery during negotiations with a defendant who is threatening to file bankruptcy. The webinar will also address:

  • A realistic assessment of litigators’ and their clients’ abilities to collect judgments from the defendants.
  • What litigators should ask to see when defense counsel “claims poverty” in order to verify that these claims are legitimate.
  • Possible next steps in a worst-case scenario where the defendant files for bankruptcy after the judgment is obtained.

Watch the full webinar.


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