Webinar Now Available: Insolvency Issues in the Booming Cannabis Industry

It is no secret that the Cannabis industry has bloomed into a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States since many states have legalized marijuana for medical and recreational use.  Reports indicate that sales are on pace to hit $12 billion this year. As with any industry, growth does not universally mean success. In a saturated market, with difficult and expensive regulatory hurdles to overcome, failures in the industry have been seen, and further distress can and should be anticipated.

Join SulmeyerKupetz Partner Mark S. Horoupian for a one-hour CLE-accredited webinar that will look at the options available to cannabis companies in distress.

Mark discussed:

  • Will federal bankruptcy be available to distressed companies involved in the cannabis industry?
  • What problems companies that do business with cannabis companies have encountered when they themselves seek bankruptcy protection?
  • What alternatives are available if the bankruptcy door is closed to distressed companies?

“Insolvency Issues in the Booming Cannabis Industry” is available here.


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