Webinar: Surviving the Pandemic’s Fiscal Crisis – Options for Municipalities

With the COVID-19 pandemic in full force, it is tantamount for municipalities to find solutions to respond to external forces never encountered before. With the onset of a recession, many local public entities that were already facing escalating pension and healthcare costs are going to be hampered by reduced revenue collections and rising costs related to the pandemic.

Hosted by The Pun Group, Partner Victor Sahn will be on the expert panel to discuss:

  • Identifying negative trends, and management’s plans and financial statement disclosures to address going concern considerations in the near term;
  • Potential solutions implemented and communicated through the budget-setting process to close budget gaps, preserve liquidity and reserves;
  • Building consensus within governing bodies to take early action as a necessity, not a choice, and;
  • Where to turn when significant reduction is not sufficient to address fiscal issues.

“Surviving the Pandemic’s Fiscal Crisis – Options for Municipalities” will be held on July 10th at 10:30AM PST. Register now.


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