Webinar Now Available! The Life Cycle of a Business Opportunity

Part 1 – Before There was Buffett, There Was Aristotle: The Importance of Understanding Your Business Philosophy Before Establishing Your Company

You’re ready to start your own business. You have a winning idea, a broad vision and an unstoppable drive. Now what do you do?

You are faced with a myriad of decisions: How do you make your opportunity a business? What form of entity should you choose? How will you raise capital?

SulmeyerKupetz attorneys Jeffrey Pomerance and Jason Balitzer presented a complimentary CLE-accredited webinar that discussed these very questions.

Too often, promising opportunities fail before they have the chance to succeed. While the natural inclination is to take action, sometimes, the best first step is to stop and think.

This webinar is the first of a multi-part series, and will address the following issues pertinent to nearly every business, including:

  • Structuring considerations.
  • The foundation of critical strategies, such as operating, growth, services, competition and compensation.
  • The importance of creating a comprehensive business plan.

Watch the webinar.


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