Asa S. Hami Interviews Chief Judge Sheri Bluebond for Insolvency Law Committee’s Eighth Judicial Profile

In conjunction with other members of the State Bar’s Insolvency Law Committee (ILC), Asa S. Hami, advisor to and immediate past Co-Chair of the ILC, interviewed the Honorable Sheri Bluebond, United States Bankruptcy Judge in the Central District of California, for the eighth judicial profile in the ILC’s ongoing profile series.

The profile shares Judge Bluebond’s history as a litigator and bankruptcy practitioner, her transition to the Bench and rise to Chief Judge, her commitment to implementing technology into the courtroom—her courtroom will be one of the first outfitted with new technology as part of the Roybal Realignment—and insights from the Bench.

The ILC is a standing committee of the State Bar of California’s Business Law Section, which is dedicated to educating its members on all issues pertaining to business law.

Read full profile.

In addition to the profile of Judge Bluebond, Mr. Hami has also co-authored a number of other bankruptcy judge profiles, which are included in our Guide to Ninth Circuit Bankruptcy Judges in California. Read the full overview.


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