Webinar Now Available: Creative Approaches to Enhancing Liquidity Webinar Series: Tax Incentives & Credits

In times of prolonged uncertainty, one thing remains true: businesses are looking to effectively manage their cash flow. To assist business owners, management and Private Equity investors in today’s turbulent market, we have developed a series of webinars exploring new and creative solutions to increasing a company’s cash account.

In our first segment, we look to address an obligation that every business, regardless of stage of development or industry, must address – taxes. Often, tax minimization’s focus is on transactional considerations (in the context of investments and dispositions) or tax return preparation.  Unfortunately, this neglects other important cash recovery opportunities.

Jeffrey Pomerance, Head of SulmeyerKupetz’s Transactional Practice, and Attorney Alan Tsarovsky with the Tax Advisory Group covered:

  • Understanding which kind of business activities qualify for tax credits/incentives
  • Distinguishing between negotiated incentives and statutory incentives and understanding the utility of each
  • Incorporating a proactive approach to tax credits when assessing the value of future acquisitions

The “Creative Approaches to Enhancing Liquidity Webinar Series: Tax Incentives & Credits” is available here.



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