Webinar Now Available: Putting the Brunner to the Test How Bankruptcy Courts Decide Undue Hardship in Student Debt

In 2019 bankruptcy courts around the United States grappled with the question of what circumstances must exist to discharge student loan debt? Most courts utilize the three-factor Brunner Test to answer this question and determine eligibility. In a CLE-accredited webinar, Steve Werth and Maggie Bordeaux will explore the contours of recent 2019 court decisions and patterns that will allow, or prevent, loan dischargeability.

Werth and Bordeaux discussed:
– Recent cases in which student loan debt has and has not been discharged.
– The Brunner test used by bankruptcy courts to discharge such debt.
– Recurring issues that may be dispositive in either direction.

“Putting the Brunner to the Test: How Bankruptcy Courts Decide Undue Hardship in Student Loan Debt Cases” is available here.


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